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The PSY Trance Experience


Sunday's "The PSY Trance Experience" 5pm - 6 pm (GMT)


Marc West / Mazord is a Psytrance DJ, Producer at Kabbalah Records & Sting Records.Radio host on Clubvibez. Co-Owner/Promoter of Psybrid Sounds. Having played at some of UK's most renowned psytrance and trance events such as IllumiNaughty, Sunrise festival, Shindigerz & holds a residency at Psy-Tronic in Nottingham. Based in Nottingham, Marc always had a passion for music at a young age, and had his first set of Turntables aged 12. After a few years as a bedroom DJ, Mazord started DJing at hidden raves out on Dartmoor and local club events. Opening peoples mind to powerful raging bass lines and psychedelic sounds..

Mazord's unique sound is described as progressive with a modern club beat, rave-elements and refreshingly, it integrates power and force with a moderate tempo groove and fresh elements of futuristic music. Mazord also has his dark side, throwing down twisted Psychedelic trance which sends you on a trip of madness.

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